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ZIJA Response To The 7 Traits Of A “Perfect” MLM Opportunity

Earlier this week I had lunch with Greg Bibb and Brent Smith on our way to a training in Memphis and for some odd reason… we started talking about female singers – the likes of  Taylor Swift, Gretchen Wilson, Faith Hill, and Reba McEntyre (I belive it was Greg who started the conversation… don’t deny it Greg!) We were musing how they each are amazing in their own rights from a certain perspective… Faith has a killer voice, Gretchen has an amazing stage presence, Reba use to be hot… and Taylor does the “songwriting” thing pretty well. However, each of them are also pretty “messed up” in their own right. Gretchen got umm… healthy, REALLY healthy (someone should introduce her to the Zija Weight Management System). Faith traded in “stardom” for “momdom”. Reba got ol….uh… matured…. and Taylor is a Reba wanna be. (These are JUST our opinions, please don’t hate me for them, but if you must *shrugs*.)

Here’s the thing though, they are all famous and all make money and depending on what you look for in a female singer, you can be attracted to some of them, and be totally turned off by others. This is No Different in the MLM World . When it comes to choosing a MLM, you have to realize that each have their strenghts and weaknesses and that while some may be perfectly suitable for you – given your passion, desires, strengths, persona, etc. – others will cause your stomach to turn. There is no one “perfect” MLM opportunity… or is there? So what I’ve done is distill MLM companies down into 7 key traits that you must consider when deciding if a network marketing buisness opportunity is right for you or not. I’ll match each of these 7 traits to ZIJA and you can match to your specific MLM company and decide if you are in an opportunity suitable for your growth and success.

Here they are…


1.) Does the Company Allow Its Distributors to Use Its Brand Name?  Simply put, do you get in trouble if you so much as publicly mention the company’s name and announce that you are a distributor? Does their legal police come knocking and threatening you with a lawsuit on the basis of trademark infringement? Ideally, find a company that allows you to utilize their brand name. Second best… find one that has some qualifications. To me, a company that REFUSES to let its distributors use its name is just making it more challenging for its distributors to promote.

ZIJA Response: VP Rod Larson…” I don’t care and won’t ever care how you sell my products.”


 2.) Analyze the RISK Factor   Welcome to the business world where risk is an inherent aspect of our daily lives See, it’s not a matter of finding a company with NO risk, that’s impossible. Everything in business requires you giving up SOMETHING for the possibility of gaining something in return. It’s a matter of mitigating the risks involved and being okay with those risks considering your investment and the possibility of losing it all. Ask yourself what you are/will be giving up to be a part of this business opportunity – give up in terms of money, time, effort, etc. Then ask yourself… do the (potential) rewards justify these things you are giving up?

ZIJA Response:“Where else can you become a comission paid distributor for the cost of a one month supply of the products? A “money-back-guaranteed” supply at that?”  Triple Diamond Mike Sims


 3.) How Good is the Product? If a product blows, is overpriced, and/or undesirable, that makes for a pretty tough business model to build on eh? Examine the product carefully, don’t get sucked in by the razzle-dazzle compensation plan… that comp plan means jack if you can’t sell the product and can’t get anyone excited about selling the product.

ZIJA Response: “Our products speak for themselves.  If you just so happen to come off some medications because of putting our products in your body….We apologize.”  Zija Formulator Russ Bianchi


4.) What’s the Compensation Plan Like?  This is simple… WILL you get paid and WILL you get paid enough within the timeframe you want? Some MLM companies have compensation plans that pay you well while others have compensation plans that only PRETEND to pay you. Get me?

ZIJA Response: ” Name me one other MLM company that shares corporate profits with it’s distributors … ON TOP of their regular comissions?”  Diamond Elite Robbie Davis


5.) Is the Training All Just “Hoo-Rah-Rah”?  You know how this goes… when you show up for functions, meeting, and live events, are they all just “hoo-rah-rah” or do they actually have any sustenance? If they are all just about pumping you up, then how do you expect to grow as business person trying to grow a sizable business? Find a company that is interested in developing you as a person, entrepreneur, and marketer.

ZIJA Response: “Our events have some of the top trainers in the entire MLM industry…not just company guys…” Double Diamond Mike Buck


6.) Does It Allow You to Market the Way YOU Want to Market? It’s called network/multi level MARKETING for a reason.. because the idea is that you are suppose to MARKET your business/those products – I know, what a concept right? So how much freedom are you permitted when marketing this company and its products? Is there any red-tape you need to be aware of? Ultimely, if you cannot market the way you want to market, the way that works for you… then it really doesn’t matter how amazing the opportunity and products are. If you can’t get the word out, your business will NOT grow. 

ZIJA Response:“In Zija we have a simple, duplicatable system that even a 5th grader can be taught to follow!”  Triple Diamond Greg Bibb


7.) Personal Experience…  So Far You may not have had much experience with that specific company but maybe you’ve had SOME. From what you’ve seen and know so far, how do they make you feel? How did/does your upline and team make you feel? At the end of the day, if, for whatever reason, you have some negative feelings toward this opportunity, you ought to examine why and perhaps even considering something else that makes you feel better.

ZIJA Response: “I had been presented several network marketing opportunities in my lifetime and had passed on them all before I found Zija and the tremendoous support offered throughout the company and the organization…” Double Diamond Elite Chris Estes


 There ya go, the 7 factors helped me decide on my company and facotrs you should look at when reviewing your (or any) MLM opportunities. These are by no means complete but they are a good start. I’d love to heat your thoughts and get your feedback on these 7 factors. Looking for your comment below, thanks! Let’s get it!!!


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