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Zija Testimonies From REAL PEOPLE About The “Miracle Tree”


Zija tesimonies taken from real people with real problems! No actors! No scripts! Just real people who want to share what the “Miracle Tree” has done for them!

Please comment below on how you’ve personally benefitted from ZIja’s products!!

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Jeanette Irby

I was the biggest skeptic out there. I’ve always heard if it’s too good
to be true, it probably isn’t. Wow, was I wrong. After several weeks of hearing my sister-in-law sing the praises of Zija, I finally gave in.
I have a long history of auto immune diseases, RA, and Fibromyalgia along with acid reflux, asthma, well I could go on and on. Medications that I would take for most of the above would ultimately affect my stomach and they weren’t helping me much either. There were days that I would choose to stay in bed because the pain would not allow me to function. I was very overweight due to the inactivity and the steroids I was on for the RA. But all that has changed since I’ve been on Zija.
I have lost 38 pounds, would like to lose 25 more, I am pain free, off 8 of my 12 meds and loving life. Thank you Zija for giving my life back.

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Amy Ellis —

Great testimony! Thanks for sharing!

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Pamela Fife

I too suffered with RA, Fibromyalsia, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylydis, Psoriasis, hair loss, weight gain, and the list continues..I had Virtigo from all the fluid on my body..after two days of being on an antibiotic with a black box label warning,,(I’ve never heard of that), until I was diagnosed with all sorts of issues..I was in so much pain, I became increasingly scared of what my body was doing..the weight gain was clearly from fluid, my joints hurt so bad I couldn’t walk or hold anything with my hands,,this included my grandchildren,,after many long years of suffering and poisonous meds that made my hair fall out, my skin peel, my thought process to diminish, my intestines to stop functioning on their own, I was desperate to find a solution,,because the one I was on wasn’t working..then comes Zija!! I was on day 8 when I realized I was not in bed at 7:00 pm and I was actually able to walk..think,.lose weight, go to the bathroom.. stay up late, have energy and stop taking 13 pills a day! I also believed in it so much..I became a distributor..now everyone I know with that kind of pain,,heres about Zija from me!! I will never stop taking this product..it has given me my life back!! Thank you God and thank you Zija!!!!

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Elizabeth Waters —

I had a traumatic leg injury which left me with a medical impairment rating and lots of tendon, ligament, and nerve damage. On top of that it was found that I was having issues with my brachial plexus nerve bundle…more neuromuscular issues! The pain, fluid retention, and lethargy was absolutely unbearable! I could no longer ride horses and my “fun” level was sucked right out of my life. The doctors offerred for meds for each diagnosis and told me to “cope” with things until I felt forced to file for disability. I soon began having “female” issues due to all the meds/steroids…and was forced into medical menopause…MORE weight gain! Once gain, “cope” was the ONLY words the doctors said! “Prepare for disability…it will not get better” is what they told me. Now I’m in my 3rd month of Zija…and I’ve lost 28 lbs. My pain levels are down 80% and I’m off 3 of 5 meds! I still have some rough days, but I am mobile again and able to function without medication and pain!!!!!! This stuff has changed my life!!!! I am on my way back to the old me!!!!!! Thank you ZIJA!

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Kate —

Wonderful testimonies….It would be great if your age or age range was shared (I say this especially for the Senior population who are programmed for Rx’s and only if the Dr says mentality) Also some have and some have not said how long they’ve been using it for results whether it’s weight loss or other benefit with other ailment.

Really appreciate all of the testimonies! 🙂

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