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ZIJA Leaders Are Addicted To…..

Most of the successful Zija people I know are addicted to reading. So much so that I had heard someone say that you judge a leader by the size of his or her library as compared to their television. If I met you that would be the first place I would look to get a feel for who you really are. But leaders take it one step further…

They’re one step away from being full-fledged-jonesing-junkies.

I mean, they attend every seminar, webinar, and event they can. And they spend more money on courses in marketing, recruiting, and prospecting in a month than the average person spends on food in a year.

They’re genuinely addicted to information, but if I could call Oprah in for her opinion, I’m sure she would say, “It’s a good thing.”

Anyway, I know Ben agrees…

Benjamin Franklin said: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

And the true leader makes this his mantra. He’ll dig through 10,000 pages of dusty words to find the one secret that will give him a 3% increase in his results. He’ll drop a C-Note on a book because he knows that most people don’t. He knows that no matter what he pays for that book, one secret could double or even triple his profits if properly applied. Old Benny Franko sure knew what he was talking about.

The dedicated leader will spend more time rereading her books than most people spend reading in the first place. She’ll devour one course three times. She’ll listen to a seminar every night for weeks. She’ll take notes and read those again too. She’ll squeeze every drop of wisdom out of every dollar she spends. Because…

Knowledge Is Power…

At least, if it’s properly applied, and this is something that leaders are known for. They act fast, as soon as they discover a secret they implement it. They test and measure the results because they know that what gets measured, gets done! Sometimes they’ve made their money back before they finish the book. Sometimes they’re making changes to their business in the middle of a seminar. Because money loves speed.

Money Loves Action…

And the leader gets all of this done while the follower is still slouching on their couch watching last year’s American Idol re-runs or listening to the talking bobbleheads spouting out all the bad in the news. Spreading the doom and gloom of the recession. Giving up on dreams they never really had.

The choice is yours…

What Are You Reading?

What books or courses are you devouring today that will set you apart from the leaders of tomorrow? Share one book you’re reading (or rereading) today and let’s start a conversation. Let’s sneak a peak at those personal libraries…

I’ll leave a comment below if you respond!!


To your continued success…

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Great post Chip! You hit the nail right on the head with this one. A Must Read.

Here is a list of books we recommend network marketers read.

What would you add to the mix?


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