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Why You Should Quit Zija NOW!!!


Okay, I’ll confess, I went to see the new movie“The Avengers” back a couple of weeks ago. (It was all for the sake of taking my young boys to see it, I swear.) Not only that, I even LIKED it and would recommend it to most anyone. (Who has kids, lolol).  And, it was going to be my dirty little secret. (You know how I’m always telling people to turn off the automatic-income-reducing television.) But, I think it illustrates my loosely related point today…

That The ZIJA Market Is Not Saturated Any More Than Hollywood Is Saturated With Blockbuster Movies

You see, I get sick of hearing excuses… even though I understand them… and one of the biggest excuses is that the “my ZIJA market is saturated”…

…and it’s impossible to make money during those summer months when everyone is on vacation…

–”There’s too much competition.” –”Everybody and their beagle is doing it.” –”I’m not smart enough to stand out.” –”I’ve talked to everyone I know.” –”I can’t get anybody to show up!” –”She didn’t like the taste.”

Well, it’s all a big FAT lie.

And, if you actually believe those lies you might as well QUIT ZIJA today and watch “The Avengers” (again) instead…

I mean it!!! I don’t believe those excuses for one second… not even one microsecond… or a milli-micro-second… or whatever!overwhelm

I mean, imagine the director sitting there thinking, “Titanic has already been done ten times, why should I even bother? Or, why would anybody watch a movie about a bunch of superheroes?”

He didn’t sit there making excuses…

He had a vision and he ACTED on it. It probably went something like this, “I want to make a movie about superheroes… let’s make them bigger than life… they all have super human powers… and the ones that don’t? They have super human strengths… Why? Because they can.”

So, let’s face the facts, if some guy can go out there and make a movie about giant superheroes and make millions upon millions of dollars… you sure as shazzaam can make six-figures working from home.

“But… But… But… (insert excuse here)”

I think the director’s answer would be:

“Stop whining and do something!”

And if this post inspired you to act…

Well then, share it with your friends and get them busy too!!!!


Here’s to your continued success!!

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michael howard —

Thats exactly right people say everyday I wish my life was different and compare it to some9ne elses life. Your tolerance level goes up to being poor and stacking bills instead of money. Your life will not change untill you put your foot down and say enough. The best thing to do when your in a whole is stop digging

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