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Do You REALLY Wanna Know Why You’re Failing?

Let’s be honest….

I was listening to a MONSTER training call Sunday night by my good friends and mentors Chris Estes and Mike Sims. They issued everyone on the call a CHALLENGE to be honest… with themselves. The challenge was simple:

  • If you’ve been struggling in your business…
  • not seeing the results you want (like most people)…
  • If you just can’t seem to get traction or momentum going,
  • If you’ve been jumping around looking for the magic bullet
  • Or if you just can’t even seem to get STARTED…

When you look in the mirror, are you telling yourself: THE TRUTH or B.S.? If you’re reading this and you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve figured it all out, you’re making good money and know exactly where you’re going, EXIT stage right… Congrats, you don’t need to read this.

But for everyone else, stick around, put on your “big people drawers on”, and read this blog post LINE BY LINE… Because you NEED to hear this today. So what about it? What’s the message you’re playing for yourself over and over again? Are you BSing yourself and others with things like:

  • Nobody will help me
  • My Upline doesn’t support me
  • My sponsor signed me up and then disappeared
  • Nobody will tell me the REAL truth
  • Nobody ever puts anyone under me 

Or are you telling yourself the TRUTH?

  • The buck stops with ME
  • I am responsible for whatever results (good or bad) I have so far
  • I’ve been going through the motions hoping for things to happen!

Tough love, I know… But you need to hear it. You see, its much EASIER to blame someone or something else… than to look INSIDE for the answers.

But INSIDE is where we all must look… If we want to win this battle and change our lives and the lives of countless others. It all starts with you… or more specifically, your MIND. Chris and Mike reminded me of the old quote “Everybody wishes for the moon…. But a want without action is only a wish…”

WOW… Read that again.

Thoughts ALWAYS precede ACTIONS and RESULTS. And if you’re poisoning your thoughts with EXCUSES and BS — the UNTRUTHS— of why you’re not succeeding in your business. You’ll never have a CHANCE at success…. NEVER! I’m not looking to put you down, in fact, it’s the direct opposite: You need to GET REAL with yourself and stop the BS! You need to start using your mind to PROPEL you forward… rather than holding you back with excuses and the blame game.

So today…. Make the DECISION… DECIDE to take ownership of your own destiny. DECIDE means “kill all doubt”. Don’t leave it up to others or use anything else as an excuse. OWN IT. And start with the THOUGHT… “I can do WHATEVER I decide to do!”

Because you CAN!

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