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The Power Of Belief

Let’s talk about the power of belief…

Peter Marshall said: “One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interests.”

I can’t think of anywhere this is more true than in our company, Zija International.

If you’ve been in our company for any length of time, you’ve probably already discovered that most people kinda “poke along” in Zija. They start out “excited” with promises that they’re going to set the world on fire, but after a few months (and sometimes only a few weeks) the fire’s died down and they’re
hardly talking to anyone about our amazing product line.

Why is that? What causes some people to “fizzle” and others to burn ever brighter and constantly set new prospects ablaze?

The answer is: belief.

Nothing… and I mean NOTHING… is more powerful than someone who BELIEVES in what they’ve got in their hands.

Such belief inevitably has a cascading effect, because someone with “belief” can’t help but spread that belief to others. In fact, it’s positively INSPIRING to be around people with true belief in what they’re doing isn’t it? Their attitudes can be positively contagious! So how does belief in Zija come about? It comes about through experience. As people experience our product, that’s where the magic can arise.

But it doesn’t always, does it?

Have you ever shared our product with prospects who didn’t experience an immediate benefit or result and became quickly disillusioned with the whole thing? I’m sure you have, and what happens then? For all intents and purposes, they disappear. Most ditributors I know accept these “casualties” as inevitable and move on to find replacements.


That’s a mistake and it’s one that can be corrected right up front.

Let me explain…

Upfront, most prospects will say (or at least they’re thinking) “I need to try this before I promote it to anybody else. I can only promote stuff I believe in, have personally used and am excited about”.

Sounds good on the surface, right?

But there’s a flaw in that thinking. How’s the “it has to be something  I use before I can recommend it to others” rationale hold up when applied to men who sell women’s shoes? How does the “it has to be something I’m personally excited about” apply to the guy (or gal) who sells sheet metal screws?

Answer: it doesn’t!

And it doesn’t apply in Zija circles either! This “I have to try it first line of thinking” is an amateur’s error that is made by far to many in our industry.

But Chip, my prospect insists on testing it out! Great.. then let them, but encourage them to do a REAL test.

Example: here’s what I do…

First, I give my prospect an information tool (often an audio CD or audio or video overview on a website).

Once they’ve reviewed it and see my product is benefiting a lot of people, I then sponsor them.

If they stop me and say: oh, I have to TRY or TEST the product first I say:

Great, but if you’re going to test it, let’s do a real test. Put this in the hands of 5 to 8 other people you know and trust and say to them something like this:

I’ve come across something, something I’m really impressed with and something I thought you’d want to know about. I’m still checking it out myself, but I like what I’ve read and it seems to be benefiting a lot of people and I would love to also get your opinion on it.

Because you’re someone I trust, I’d like to sell you a bottle of this at my cost – I’m not going to make a dime off you. I’ll do that in exchange for your HONEST opinion of what you thought about it after you’ve tried it.

This is a powerful approach. What you’re doing here is expanding their “test” to include some reasonable numbers. Now if your prospect “Bob” doesn’t notice any benefit for him personally, but 3 of the 5 people he shared it with come back to him and say:

Bob, I don’t know WHAT this stuff is but I can’t believe what it’s doing for me … it’s incredible, how do I get more?

Guess what happens to Bob’s belief level? That’s right, it goes through the roof and he’s IN for and prospecting because of it. Bob’s a hero to several people he’s shared with and feeling great about promoting his product. As time passes, Bob himself may notice a personal benefit but even if he doesn’t he’s sold on his product’s efficacy!

This simple “tweak” to your business can make all the difference. Don’t let prospects make amateur’s mistakes. Be a coach and take 30 seconds to help them even before they join you in your business! You’ll find it not only helps them, it helps you too!

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