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Silly Responses To Outrageous Zija Objections


I don’t know about you but I hate hearing the word “NO”. I’m actually pretty fond of brutal honesty. But it seems like some people blame everybody but themselves for their results in the game of life. The “Victim Theory” is running amuck these days.

So today, I thought I’d give some cheeky replies  to some of the most common objections in network marketing… because let’s face it… they’re some of the most frustrating things you’ll ever hear. In fact, I sense an objection right now…

Today’s prospects are skeptical and convinced that you’re a scammer before you open your mouth or say a single word.

So let’s get started. Totally in jest BTW…

15 Rejections For Silly Objections…

Here’s the game. I’ll give you the objection and a little ‘cheeky’ side note. Don’t worry… you probably think the same thing every time you hear one of these excuses… just don’t say it out loud!

Here they are…

“Is this some kinda pyramid scheme?” Yes, we dress up in camo and build pyramids in my back yard under the light of the full moon.

“I don’t wanna pester my friends and family.” Yeah, neither do I… that’s why I’m bugging you instead.

“I don’t have time for this.” Between watching an entire season of Friends on DVD this weekend and the three hours a day you spend on Facebook games… you’re kinda booked solid.

“I don’t have the money” The average networker is probably thinking: “Yeah, I totally feel for you. Neither do I… that’s why I’m in network marketing.” It goes to show that one person’s excuse is another person’s reason.

“I have a family to feed…” Don’t we all?

“I’m not interested.” Not interested? What? I haven’t even opened my mouth. Do you even know what I’m about to say? Man, this one use to get me big time when I used to cold call at the J.O.B….Old school blues…

“I don’t know anybody.” Wow. You must be a monk. Don’t laugh, I have a friend who lives in a monastary. He knows more people than I do.

“My brother-in law did it and failed…” And he ate a snail once. Well… I guess I’m about due for a snail sandwich too. Unless… just maybe… I’m not destined to repeat my brother-in-law’s mistakes. Hmmm… 

“I need to talk to my wife/ husband.” Well, now we know who wears the pants.

“Can you send me more info?” Sure, do you want me to buy the paper shredder too? 

“Can you give me the website?” Yeah, get a pen and paper handy… it’s a big one… ready? Okay, here we go “w  w  w . m y z i j a . c o m”

“I hate selling…” Yeah, I hate making money too. The sad part, this is probably the same guy who up-sells fries to me every time I buy a burger.

“The products are too expensive.” Yeah, kinda like those $200 cell phone you’re using and that $4000 dollar plasma TV on your wall, right?

“I’m no good with technology.” Me either, I can’t even figure out how to use my remote or program my DVD player.

“I have a job.” Whoa. I never would have guessed.

But it doesn’t stop here by a long shot. Some people literally have an excuse for everything under the sun. The question is… what are they really thinking?

Well here’s a quote that points to the truth…

“A man always has two reasons for what he does — a good one, and the real one.” – J.P. Morgan –

I always liked that quote.

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Pam Baker —

“I don’t believe in this stuff like you do. I’ve always thought you could get e erything you needed from your food & people trying to sell you anything else were just trying to steal your hard-earned money.” (From a relative who Is surrounded by prescription bottles & every member of the family is on multiple prescription drugs.)

(From a Christian): “I don’t feel led to do this Zija stuff.” (The very same person rolling around/ “leading” their own oxygen tank.)

“It’s too expensive.” Let me buy my Red Bull, lottery tickets & cigarettes & see if there’s anything left over for my own health.

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Love it! It’s nice to know we are not alone in this. I was one of those that waited 4 years to get it! Some will come around so never burn bridges.lol

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