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Is Zija The “Perfect” Network Distribution Company?

1) A Sizzle Product Line.

There are many great products in the world, but they aren’t all great for Network Distribution. The best products for the business are unique, exclusive, and highly consumable. Some other factors to consider…

The average person has to be able to understand your products in a 30-second elevator speech. If you need 10 lab reports or five hours of doctor recordings for people to “get” your products, it doesn’t meet the formula for creating wealth. This is the reason many of the flat-line companies do not hit exponential growth.

History has shown that non-consumable products like water filters and air purifiers don’t sustain themselves long-term. Likewise history has shown companies with products like these can create some initial excitement through front-end loading or hype, but they don’t pan out in the long haul.

One of the other shocking truths is that one-product companies don’t hold their own over the long term. Like the non-consumables, they can create some initial excitement.  But there simply is not enough volume produced to sustain the compensation plan and reward top leaders. At some point they recognize that distributors in other companies with the same size organization make substantially more money than they do. So even if they love their product and their company, they ultimately make a business decision and choose to build a business elsewhere. This has been demonstrated countless times in the last decade with the dozens of magic berry juice companies.

The Zija product line is the first fresh new product idea in almost 15 years in the industry. People “get” the idea of permanent weight loss and a healthy lifestyle instantly, and the FitPaks themselves are probably the sexiest product samples in the business. Moreover, the four distinct product lines provide infinite possibilities for line extension – ensuring lucrative incomes.

2) Proper Capitalization.

This one is pretty simple, yet it’s shocking how many start-up ventures don’t have enough money to survive the inevitable bumps in the road.  The Zija founders knew from the very start that they would be embarking on an expansion plan that is unprecedented in our industry until now. And they recognized that to do it right required millions of dollars.

They were able to remain debt-free throught the entireity of all their latest expansions through the help of the previous successes of the company’s founder, Mr. Kenneth Brailsford. This has been the great start needed to launch Zija into the world-wide phenomenon it has become.

3) Management Depth.

Zija was the vision of one man, Founder Mr. Kenneth Brailsford. Ken is a passionate entrepreneur, and he is personally responsible for the success of tens of thousands of people in Network Marketing around the world.

Most recently he founded and served as president of Both Enrich, International and Nature’s Sunshine,Inc (both companies with a profound impact in both health and direct sales, generating billions of dollars in sales worldwide). So his track record for network marketing success is unparalleled.

When he had the vision for Zija, the first phone call that Ken made was to a very highly respected executive in the industry, and long-time friend, Rodney Larsen.

Rod’s passion is in creating opportunities that cultivate people’s abilities to succeed. And he’s very good at doing that. He finds great rewards in working side by side with those who are committed to making a difference in their own lives and in the lives of everyone they meet. Rod’s title is company president, but his real job description includes being a life coach, teacher, and friend to people who want to live their dreams. So when the call came in, Rod was ultimately prepared to implement the sum of his knowledge helping to create the phenomenon called Zija.   Together, Ken and Rod went to work to build the foundation of company support that offers you the best chance to reach your goals. They assembled an all-star team of professionals to take Zija to the top echelon of the industry.

4) A Compensation Plan that Provokes the Correct Behavior.

Since the Network Marketing industry began in the late 1950s, compensation plans have evolved to keep pace with the changing market conditions. Plans that worked great in the 1970s didn’t necessarily perform well in the 1980s. And plans that served well in the 1990s often don’t pass the market demands of today.

Recognizing this reality, the founders of Zija started from ground zero, and decided upon a plan that would reward the hard work of distributors as they continue to share the Zija message to the masses.

So if you are looking for a company to build a strong, solid, and ongoing income, then Zija should be at the top of your list. The company is offering up to eight different ways to earn. Most of them are of the residual variety, and they have pioneered the distributor Profit Participation Plan bonus, the most important innovation in compensation of the last 15 or 20 years.

Most importantly, the plan is designed to reward people for taking the correct behavior! Instead of the break-away plans that reward people for sponsoring 40 wide and ignoring their team, the Zija compensation plan rewards you for working in-depth and developing new leaders.

The Zija compensation plan offers you the potential for high earnings at each stage of your business: Fast start money when you begin, transitional income as you grow the network, and residual security once your group is built. There has never been a compensation plan so expertly crafted to reward you what you are really worth!

That brings us to the fifth element – the one that may be the most important…

5) Field Leadership.

The truth is, no company can put itself in momentum. This has to be created by the field leadership –the people who are actually in the trenches, recruiting, training, and supporting the team. As you read above, Zija has attracted a large number of some of the most successful multi-million-dollar producers in the industry as well as some of the most exciting first time, home grown talent in the industry. They have built the support structure that can help you build your dreams with Zija International. There are three components that make up this support, and they are what allows you to escape the grinder mentality and become a true Network Distribution Rock Star:

* The System There is a step-by-step system for you to follow. No matter what your education level, experience, or age, you’ll follow a proven road map to building a successful network. These leaders know the best ways to build a network and created a system utilizing all that, so everyone has the same opportunity for success. The system prevents it from being all about you, which is the sure path to being a grinder–and instead provides a framework anyone can follow.

* The Infrastructure An important element of the system is having the proper infrastructure in place to apply it. You’ll find powerful recruiting materials such as newsletters, DVDs, audios, websites and many other marketing materials in place. These resources allow you to get started fast, even if you have never been in the business before.

* The Training Another critical element is the training on how you use the system and the infrastructure–and we’ve got that covered! You have the benefit of weekly Leadership Training Calls, webcasts, local, regional, and international training events. Our annual events such as Zija Conference and the Regional Gold Rush Tour stops offer you high-level training on how to build your team and create a residual income money machine with Zija.


So now…. is Zija the “perfect” network distribution company? You decide…

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