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Dont Pressure Your Friends Into Your Zija Opportunity

“He who is convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still…”

This post highlights another key mistake made by new Zija Distributors in our industry of leverage marketing.

That mistake is pressuring friends to get into the business you’re currently in now. We like to call it “convincing them to ‘sign up’ with you”. Of course, some of them will join you simply to shut you up!

But, the only problem with that is that these new business owners spend the next few months trying to drag these same people to the Zija “mountain-top.”

Selling, Telling, Then Possibly Failing…

Here’s what I’ve learned about some people in our profession and I’ll admit that I was just as guilty until I woke up. There are a lot of good people with even greater intentions who truly feel that network marketing is a process of selling folks on the industry itself, then do any and everything to make those people successful.

The hard truth is that our real job is to teach them how to do for themselves. It’s hard for some of us to picture ourselves as educators, but that’s exactly what we are. (Maybe that’s why coaches and teachers have done so well with Zija)

Yep. Our job should not be focused on doing it all for them, unless you like getting ran into the ground. We should be teaching people a new way to buy and share Zija products and a new way to make money.  The more people you educate (by getting them to review a short pre-recorded presentation like this on http://youtu.be/hWn3Ui0QXrE or attend a live presentation and hear the whole story), the more money we all make as a team.

Hey, the more people you approach enthusiastically about potentially partnering with you or becoming a future customer in a business that will make you big money and generate free time, plus get you healthier in the process like what Zija offers, the more people you can get in front of a presentation in the first place.

So, leaving people off your warm list is a no-no. When you start calling them on your own, don’t forget three-ways and sizzle calls. You just have to be in an enthusiastic frame of mind. Yes, you will get rejections. That’s OK.

Show Your Love For The Company/Products in Words and Action..

Share your desire to be involved in business with them and focus your prospecting questions around money, free-time, and a lifetime partnership. Then, if the time is right, and if they’ve been thinking about changing careers or fearing being laid off, they might respond positively, listen to an audio exposure call, or actually attend a presentation.

You see, the stars must be in aligned for some. It’s timing. Many people have the leadership potential to do this business, but may not show it unless the timing is right. Remember, there is no such thing as easy money.

“See You At The Next Event!”

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