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4 Phases of a Zija Business

There are four critical phases in your Zija Business which define your career progression. Which are you in?

First phase : Unconscious Incompetence

This phase lasts for first 6 months. This is the phase where 65 % of newly signed up people fizzle out.  In this people , people are very excited, they just got signed up but they don’t know what to do. They are like a new fish in the pond, if they are not trained or coached properly, they quit the business.

It’s that phase where people don’t know that they don’t know something.

Second phase : Conscious Inompetence

This phase where people know what they don’t know. This phase lasts from 6 months to 18 months. In this phase, if you stick , you go through a lot of challenges, hardships, you build a sizable team but your income is not at the same level you want it to be. It’s the phase where around 20-30 % people quit the business.Some of  your downlines stop attending events, stop doing activities, stop doing business altogether.

Third phase : Conscious Competence

This phase where you know what you know. Your income is growing on autopilot. Your team is growing , you are asked to come on stage to share your journey, you are also asked to give the trainings. This is the phase where around 3-5% people quit the business. In this phase you have to hold hand of one active and growing upline who can take you to the next level.

Fourth phase : Unconscious Competence

This phase when whatever you do happens on unconscious level, nobody has to tell you about what to do, how to act in certain situations. It’s phase where you can call whatever you are doing is effortless/elegant. This is the phase where you are on of those top earners. You are managing big teams, you are handling leaders on your team.

If you are successful in Zija, you have probably gone through all these phases. You can’t skip any of these phases, you have to go through it. So the next time, when you are out building your business, make sure that you understand which phase are you in and then accordingly decide your hustle mode.


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Lisa Schad —

Awesome. Helps to know that not only everyone goes through it, but that it is an essential part of the process.

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