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Zija Leaders Divulge Direct Selling Solution…

Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

And, if you want to succeed in direct selling, you too will have to learn from those who traveled before.

The funny thing is, most people won’t

Notice I didn’t say “CAN’T” ….. I said “WON’T“!!!!

Most people won’t buy the books, pay for the courses, or seek out mentors. Most people are too cheap to invest a handful of dimes in their future. They want to “get paid today” but they don’t want to learn how to get paid today. Most are skeptical of and want NO PART of”get rich quick schemes”. However, the moment they join your team that’s EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT!!

They want fish, but they don’t want to learn how to fish!

This usually shows up as objections or excuses…

“I don’t have the money.”
“I don’t have the time.”
“I don’t have the need.”
“I don’t want to bleed.”

And that’s all they really are – excuses.

Most people won’t sacrifice a little time to make a buck. As my great friend, Chris Estes, often says “When opportunity knocks at the front door, most people are in the back yard looking for a four-leafed clover.”

They won’t take a single inchworm step out of their comfort zones. And they will never open their eyes and accept that they are responsible for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that determines their success in our industry – or in life.

I guess you could say that we have two types of direct sellers:

The Whiners And The Winners…

Give a whiner a fishing pole and they’ll whine about the weather, the bait, or the boat. In the end, after gossiping with their peers, they’ll sell it for a fish…

Give a winner a fishing pole and they’ll wear a raincoat, dig up the bait, and build a boat. In the end, after consulting with a fisherman, they’ll hook a fish…

In two months the whiner will be starving and the winner will be hiring other people to fish for him. Sure, he’ll give the whiner a job. There’s always room at the bottom.

Because somebody has to gut the fish!

The question is…

Do you want to gut the fish or hook them?

Do you want to work for money, make money work for you, or buy a lottery ticket?

It’s your choice, but if you want to succeed you’ll have to throw away your excuses, stand on the shoulder of giants, and invest in the knowledge that will get you where you’re going.

Make no mistake, people HAVE been there before.

And those people are more than glad to show you precisely how they did it!

As my great friend Chris Estes often says “Success leaves clues.”

But it’s entirely up to you.

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