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Why Your Story Is Too Long (apologies to Eric Worre)

Do you have a story?

Is it longer than 60 seconds?

Your story should be designed to humanize you and show a possibility for your prospect.

Your story can be your biggest asset or your worst deterrent. Your story is the bridge between you wanting to help your prospect and your prospect trusting you enough to buy from you. Your story should be practiced, rehearsed, and adapted to fit the situation to which your prospect most needs attention. It should contain specific elements and should  be told and used by everyone you meet. It must be brief and touch on several key components, which include:

  1. Your background
  2. Things you didn’t like about your former situation
  3. How your company/product/opportunity came to the rescue
  4. Your results or how you feel about your future results
  5. How you overcame an obstacle (optional)
  6. Conclusion with lead for them to talk



Your background

Use phrases like “I’m a former_____.” “I used to do/be______.” “I used to weigh_____.” “I’ve worked in the ______ industry.” “I used to suffer from_____.”

Things you didn’t like

Use the conjunction”BUT”…. “But I hated ______. (selling, being overweight, making other people rich, taking pills, etc)”

How your company came to the rescue

“And then I found _____” Company/ Product/ Opportunity / Profession / Cashflow

Your results

If you don’t have results yet then you can use others results or you can use how you feel that you will benefit. Use the phrase “And that has created_____ for me.”

How you overcame an obstacle (optional)

“i never thought I’d ever have enough______ (time, money, resources, help)” “I Never thought I’d ever be able to _____ (sell, travel, help, contribute)”


Should always be the same. “I’m excited about my future with ______ and with where I’m going!!!! What do you do?!?!?”


Your story should be told as often as possible with passion, enthusiasm, excitement, and belief!



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