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Why Purchasers HATE Salesmen But Buy Anyway?

Hate being a salesman?

I don’t blame you…. I did too…

I hated convincing and arm twisting and the act of feeling like I had something I needed RID OF instead of having a commodity that everyone needs.

But I thought…”People buy things all the time. Why aren’t the buying from me?”




The truth is always enough….

Salesman want you to have something. They know you need it and know why you should act now and buy. They aren’t as concerned with the purchaser’s needs as they are their own.

Friends tell stories that others relate can relate to. Stories that are important and compelling to the purchaser. Stories that help the purchaser see a void or need in their own life. Then they help connect the dots for the purchaser from their product/opportunity to the purchaser’s need/void.

Purchasers buy from you if you can tell a story compelling enough to make them act.

Let me repeat that so it sinks in…..

People purchase from you if you can tell a story compelling enough to make them act.


Most of us hate salesmen, would never want to be a salesman, and would never want to act like a salesman once they ever got involved with a company…. but once they DO get involved, that’s exactly how they act…. like the person who needs to get rid of something!!!

To become a great connector, all that is needed is a shift in focus. A shift from the importance of the seller to the importance of the buyer.

Sounds simple.

The truth always is.people liked him


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