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What Do You OWE Your Team?

The object of sponsoring someone into your Network Distribution business is not for you to build the business for them, but with them.

As a responsible sponsor, the only real responsibility that you owe to your team, is that you lead them by being an example of success.

An example of success means that you must be that man or woman who does whatever it takes to make the biggest difference in people’s lives using your own business as the vehicle and the catalyst for them to model.

In other words, I never tell my people what to do; I just tell them what I’m doing. And I let them watch, listen and learn.

If all being an example of success to your team means that you attend all the trainings and conventions then you must do it.

If being an example of success means never quitting, staying persistent and consistent and never walking away from your team, your company and your system, then do it.

If it means doing the things that must be done in order to succeed, making sacrifices and giving up old habits, then do it.

If it means investing in yourself and your business by doing things that make you feel uncomfortable for only a short time, so that you can live comfortably for a long, long time, then do it.

If it means getting up earlier than you ever have before, staying up later than you have in the past, sacrificing some of the things you never expected to, treating people differently than you ever have in your life and learning new skills on a constant and continual basis, then do it.

Being an example of success is the only thing you will ever owe your team. Not enrollments, nor sign ups nor volume.

Always stand tall in the face of adversity and let every one of them see you do it.

Don’t quit, stay plugged in to your leaders and successors and take constant and consistent action.

Do it, and you will prosper. Do it not and you will fail.

Just remember that what inspired you to build a business in the first place, is the fact that someone you met, spoke with or have admired has already achieved what you are in search of yourself. They did not have to give you your success. Instead, you seek to achieve it yourself.

Be this person to your own team and watch how they model you in return.

Take yourself and your business to the next level today.

Be an example of success.

This is the ONLY thing you owe your team.

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