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What Do YOU Do?

What do YOU do???


This is a hard question (that shouldn’t be) that a great majority of network marketers have no clue how to answer in a way that elicits a favorable response.

When you meet people wherever you may be in your daily travels, there are always opportunities that exist, but most people don’t take advantage of them, and when they do, lots of people fail to create interest from their prospects, so they simply stop recruiting in that fashion.

To me, finding and meeting people while I am out and about is a very easy way of locating a potential new leader for my team.

You get to see them in person, see how they dress, walk, talk…you can literally qualify a person just on a quick look if you get good at talent scouting.

So…when you engage a person in conversation and the question comes up about what YOU do for a living, how do you answer?


“I’m in network marketing.”

“I sell stuff.”

“I build big downlines.”

“I…uhhh. I don’t know. Let me get back to you on that one!”

I certainly hope your responses are better than that! However, if you struggle to come up with the right words when someone asks you that question, I’ve got a few solutions for you.

It’s real easy to say “I’m a doctor” if you are a doctor. Or, “I’m a landscaper” if you’re a landscaper. But…what the heck do you say when you’re in Zija?

What is your basic objective? That should be your first question. If you meet someone who you feel may be a good candidate for your business, then your simple objective is to generate interest and curiosity about what you do and how what you do can help them get what they want. Understand?

Think about all the reasons why people might be looking for a change in their life and how your business or product may fill that void. It could be any number of things. Perhaps they don’t make enough money, they have no vacation, they work too hard, they’re stressed out, they never see their family, they’re broke, they’re tired, or they are bored. Who knows? Everyone joins for different reasons.

Your objective is to come back with an response that will generate more interest.

You want to respond to the person in such a way that makes them say, “Really…how do you do that? And…how can I get some of that?”

My responses are sometimes off-the-wall, outside of the box, disturbing, comedic, or even downright crazy. But…they are all true and yield positive response from my intended prospect.

I’m not going to give you all of my responses. It’s important for you to figure some of this stuff out on your own. Plus…it’s a lot of fun to play with people and see what happens when you respond in different ways.

Here are a few examples:

Prospect: What do you do for a living?

Me: That depends.

Prospect: What do you mean “it depends”?

Me: It depends on whether you are looking to dramatically improve the quality of your life or not. I was going to go play tennis and get a massage today, but if you are looking to create greatness in your life, I’d be happy to share with you why I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt on a Tuesday and you’re wearing a suit.

Prospect: What do you do for a living?

Me: I put alarm clock companies out of business.

Prospect: What do you mean by that?

Me: I mean exactly what I said. Most people shock their hearts every day getting up before their body is ready to get up to go build wealth for someone else. I work with people who would rather get out of bed when they feel like it rather than when someone else tells them they need to and spend their lives playing and making more money than they would elsewhere.

Prospect: What do you do for a living?

Me: I’m a collector.

Prospect: What do you collect?

Me: Friends and Money.

Prospect: That’s interesting. How do you do that?

Me: I show people a step by step plan for creating wealth on their own rather than relying the insecurity of a good job. When you show people how easy it is to make money, the money and friends go hand in hand.

Prospect: What do you do for a living?

Me: Why do you ask?

Prospect: I don’t know. I guess because you asked me.

Me: I figure that. Let me ask you this. If you knew there was a way for you to work less and make more than you do currently, is that something you might be curious about?

Now…these are just a few that I thought of while writing this article. There are hundreds of ways to respond to questions people fire at you about what you do for a living.

My key to success in all this is smile, but be flat-out dead serious in my response. When I respond to this question, my prospect doesn’t think it’s a joke, because it isn’t. My vocal tone lets them know that there isn’t any kidding around.

I see a lot of people who respond with comments like, “I create six and 7-figure income earners”, which is a good response. However, when you do so in a way that sounds like you are shivering in your boots, the prospect won’t take you seriously.

If I respond with that, I look them dead-square in the eye with a very serious tone to my voice and say, “I create six and 7-figure income earners. You wanna be my next superstar?”

Next time you’re out and about, DO talk to strangers, even if mommy and daddy told you not to. You’re an adult in network marketing. If you’re going to make lots of money, you’ll probably be talking to lots of strangers.

Don’t worry, they don’t bite!


(Thanks to Todd Falcone)

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