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Tough Love That Stings (Not For Everyone)

This may not be what you expect to hear from me –

Not exactly the ‘norm’ for a MoringaBucks article…
I gotta tell you like it is, and I gotta give you some tough love.

This message is not for all of my readers- absolutely not. Some of you will read this and understand exactly where I’m coming from because you want to say the same to your team! And some of you aren’t even distributors..and that’s OK too. I love you just the same. You may get a kick out of it too.

This message is all about getting out of your comfort zone- about stepping out of who you were and into who you will be.

If you want the things you do not have, you must do the things you have not done.

Quit your whining already about ‘not knowing how’ to market, ‘not knowing how’ to generate leads. You haven’t been successful yet and you are working on a shoestring budget…so just do what I’ve told you already! Stop surfing the net looking at ‘blasters’ and paying scammers from Nevada for SEO services…Quit surfing traffic exchanges when you should be calling prospects!

Get yourself over to the social networking sites and set up your profile. You only need to write the profile info once…and paste it into several places. I’m all over the place- and I get traffic from all over the place…as you’d expect! You can’t generate free quality prospects if you aren’t willing to do the work. And for goodness sake – if you are in a network marketing business…don’t tell me you don’t know what to say to people!

All of this is worth it…I don’t believe for a second that you set out in your home based business to struggle along and not make any MONEY! You are letting your own excuses get in the way of your success. I don’t have any MAGIC DUST. I’m just a regular person…just like YOU. I just have a consistent work ethic, and I’m constantly educating myself on how I can be better at what I do.

I don’t spend my time surfing all over the net searching for the next big deal, or the magic marketing method. I am pretty choosy about who I listen to when it comes to learning my craft. I put my blinders on and work. When it’s slow, I go back to the proven methods that have generated quality prospects in the past. I am not ‘above’ doing the repetitive tasks necessary to get people to take a look at my replicated sites. I know for a fact that MOST of the people I tell about these methods, just don’t/won’t go to work. I find it more than a little sad. I give NUGGETS – I give the BLUEPRINT to go out and make cash… and most will not take action.

Let me tell you a maddening story…
I had a wonderful woman call me to join me in business. She wanted to know how she could make some real $$$ without spending much. I told her that I’ve got alot of practice in this area, and that I’d tell her exactly how to use the system to make $$$.
2 months or so later I get an email…she has done ALL of the methods that I recommended…and nothing. SO I asked her to send me her list so I could see wha all she’d talked to….. SHE HADN’T EVEN DONE THAT. She went so far as to tell me that she did not want to make lists…that was not “HER”. Oh, my, goodness!
Do you think that little lady grew up thinking she’d be marketing all over the net making tons of magic internet cash???
I wrote back to tell her that sometimes we must step out of our comfort zone to have things we have never had…

You aren’t going to become wealthy if you stay in your little box.



As a LION.

You know…I’m no expert…just have alot of practice.

I developed my website and blog as a sort of ‘brain dump’. I have all this ‘stuff’ in my head and I want you to HAVE IT. I want you to know that I have made thousands and thousands of dollars with next to no advertising dollars. You really just need to take a leap of faith and get yourself out there.

NOW, this is crucial…
Do not let your marketing time take over your prospecting time… AND do not buy leads to supplement your marketing efforts.

and I can be so guilty here…

I’m such a ‘techy’, and I’d rather sit and develop ways to generate traffic all day…but what’s going to grow my business the fastest is talking to PEOPLE. Therefore I have my leads set on a steady pace, and I have a number of calls I need to take care of before I can get to the ‘fun stuff’. I put my blinders on and make the dials, the introductions, and actively enroll people.

What, you don’t know what to say? Find out – or choose another business model.

If you are not willing to learn the necessary skill set to be a network marketer…then get out of it NOW. Find an affiliate business model – or develop your own product.

I tell you, I LOVE Zija for the opportunity it affords regular folks to make a fortune, starting with a very small investment.
However, it takes a constant investment in one’s self to keep excelling and growing that check… if you aren’t up for it…if you aren’t a peculiar person…step off the bus. It doesn’t make you a bad person…just means you aren’t an entrepreneur.

For those who are Freaks, like me : I Truly wish you all the absolute best in this, the biggest season of the year. Go out and make connections in cyberspace, develop your leadership skills – and make LOTS OF MONEY for the summer!


all you can do

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