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So You Want To Be A Zija Marketer…..

What is a Real Zija Marketer?

First of all let me start with what is a real  Zija Marketer. Many people are mistaken with what a Zija Marketer is and does. A Zija Marketer is a person who is suppose to network with people and see how they can  help others with their products, services, and opportunity. They add value to the lives  of the  people they meet and don’t pitch them at every turn. They build ever lasting relationships. They also enjoy helping others.

Unfortunately, what I have been finding is, and mind you I have been to several PBR’s, private chats, Facebook groups, really anywhere I could test this for  myself that people do not know the true art of  networking . If you market by just putting out your link everywhere then you are doing it all wrong. I am not saying it is your fault, it’s just you haven’t been taught the right way of Zija Marketing. Seriously, do you think people are looking at your links? I’m afraid not. So you are really wasting your time .

I even went as far as testing to “so called network” like everyone else that I have seen and you know what happened? I had people asking me if I was ok . People who really knew me, my real friends thought there was something wrong because I don’t act that way. I even had people unfriend me on Facebook. Which was ok because I had to clean out my Facebook anyway… just kidding.

You know what I found funny was that some of these same people who unfriended me were the same one’s who could use the Zija products and opportunity the worst. Funny isn’t it how they can be all about Facebook and complaining but when you mention a change to their lifestyle they become Ward and June Cleaver!!


So why be a Zija Marketer?

This leads to my next question. Why be a Zija Marketer in the first place? Well I can answer that .When you truly market Zija the way it is supposed to be, it can be very rewarding for you . It can  enriche your life in so many ways . Now I am not talking about “THE  MONEY ” but yes if you do it right you will get paid well.

The bigger picture here is how you can enrich other’s lives and to me  that is priceless. There are so many people out there who need our help and look at Zija (and you) as a hope to get out of where they are at…. in the bad situations we once were or are struggling to get out of ….but the people who market Zija the wrong way make that journey so much harder .

Why? Because we are the true professionals in this amazing company and are looked upon as we are in it just for the money. That we really don’t care about others. I personally don’t want people to think of my profession, of which I am proud of, that way and neither should you .


Guidelines to Being a Professional Zija Marketer

There are a few guidelines for you to become a Professional Zija Marketer.

  • When you are talking to people build relationships don’t pitch them on sight.
  • Ask people how you can help them with their struggles.
  • If you know of an easier way to do something share it with your team and even people who are not on your team.
  • Remember our profession is just that a profession . This is a business treat it as such .
  • Respect other people’s businesses . Even if you don’t agree.
  • Respect each other’s time.

Above all have the respect for yourself and who you are as a Professional Zija Marketer


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