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Multi Level Marketing Attracts The Worms And Bugs…..

There are bad multi-level marketing companies, there are great multi-level marketing companies, and there are THOSE companies that make you feel all ….ugh…. after hearing about them….

As most of you know, I am ZIJA to the CORE!!!!

But recently, out of respect for the industry, I reluctantly went to another person’s opportunity meeting…. I was told the meeting would last only an hour and told they were really focused during the hour.

Focused?!? Maybe…. But on what?

Only on how rich I could get and how quick I could retire and how I should already be planning my vacation…and, and, and….

When I left (3 HOURS LATER!!!!), I felt like I needed a bath!!!! I immediately called my upline and had to be assured that ZIJA was in NO WAY this kind of mentality. After a long talk with them, I felt better and ready to continue my quest to carry ZIJA to the world!!

Well, this morning a wonderful gentleman from the same meeting confessed:

“Maybe this is really dumb but I sort of struggle with some of the aspects of MLM and find some of the things people do to be slimey.”

I thoroughly agree.

But I don’t think it’s a problem with Multi Level Marketing as an industry. I think it’s a problem with the slimy opportunity seekers who think they can make a quick buck by ripping off unsuspecting “newbies” and everybody else within three feet.

As one reader points out: lawyers, used car salesmen, and politicians are also known for being “slimy” or “slimey”. Depending on who you ask, you could add debt collectors, ex girlfriends, and insurance agents to that list too, but that might be going a little too far.

The point is, it’s not the industry that makes MLM slimy. It’s the parasites that are attracted to easy money and power. It’s a little like Star Wars, we have Jedi Knights and Sith Lords. It’s the same “force”, but it’s up to you to use it for good or evil.

They say power corrupts, but I think it’s more accurate to say:
“People corrupt power.”

I know men and women who go out of their way to help everybody they can. I also know men and women who go out of their way to hinder everybody they can. In general, the ones who help others selflessly are making the most money. And the ones who delight in spreading misery, are usually poor as a church house mouse.

I’m not saying that cheery, positive, helpful people attract success and wealth by some magical “law of attraction” and that “evil doers” attract trout and cow manure. But in the long run, through the scientific law of cause and effect,  we atract what we create.

Castles In The Sand

Scammers want to build their castle in a day, so they build it out of sand. Sure, they attract a lot of people to their castle, while you slave away building yours out of solid rock. But who do you think the people will turn to as soon as the tide comes in?

They will turn to you. 

And you WILL be ready!!!


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