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Let Go of The Haters and Losers

Leaders Are Created, They Are Not Born!

It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed in the past or how much you’ve failed in the past.

What matters is, are you ready to step up now and become a leader now?


Haters and Losers

Experienced Zija Distributors will ALL tell you they have had more than their fair share of ‘haters’ and ‘losers’ giving them grief about whatever.

To folks new to marketing, it’s always a shocker and it’s a big reason people quit before they realise it’s just a minor obstacle that is easily overcome.

It’s human nature after all to want to ‘fit in’. To be accepted. To be liked and to be loved. But there’s another old maxim worth citing here…

“You can please some of the people, some of the time, but you can’t please ALL of the people all of the time.”

So why even bother to try?

When you’re first starting out in network marketing, especially a great business like Zija, you are going to be speaking and connecting with a LOT of people! Most of them will be great! Nice, normal people! But SOME of them will be thoroughly obnoxious and poisonous! Now there are fortunately some things you can do about the obnoxious, poisonous losers and haters…

haters losers

1)      Develop a mindset of rising above them, ignoring their comments, even if they try to conceal them as ‘good opinions’ i.e. they ‘know’ what they’re talking about blah blah blah “Rise above the good opinion of others” – no matter how well intentioned they might be!

2)      Learn some skill sets that improve your ‘posture’ in the way you come across to people.  A lot of barbed and poisonous comments come simply because we unintentionally rubbed them up the wrong way. Through experience and educating yourself, you can get better at how you relate to people.

3)      Accept that some (especially in the age of Social Media) are just going to be unpleasant and nasty no matter what you say or do – this is THEIR problem (and has become part and parcel of the nature of social media)!!! Since they haven’t taken the time or the trouble to get  to know you better – it CANNOT have anything to do with you!!

4)      Develop a thick skin! This is really a repeat of my first point, but it’s just so important it’s worth re-stating! You are going to get messages from haters and losers. Whether or not they get ‘under your skin’ is YOUR CHOICE!

Finally, once upon a time, when I was far less mellowed and spiritual as I am now, if a hater loser messaged me I would sometimes reply as follows…

“I’m sitting here in the smallest room in the house (you know what that room is – right?), with your message printed out before me. Soon, it will be behind me! – Yours etc…”

Now  of course, I’m not advocating that YOU should do that, obviously! I’m just well… mentioning it for your interest! (innocent face)

winners dont quit



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