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Is My Zija Business In A Rut?

Recently I’ve had a few conversations with various people who have expressed similar concerns that can basically be boiled down to this: “What if my Zija business is stuck in a rut?” Yes, the question may come in different shapes like “my business isn’t growing like others in my company” or “I don’t seem to have the same momentum that I used to have” or “it just doesn’t feel like things are happening like they used to” or “Why is their team growing but mine isn’t?”

I definitely do not want to sound harsh or brash, but if you are in a network marketing business and your business is not growing, it’s most likely what you are not doing.

In other words, are you doing what it takes for you to be successful? It’s a question you have to ask of yourself and be completely honest about. One of the beautiful things about growing a Zija business is that the business and growing your down-line or teams can be duplicated. So if other people are succeeding, you can too. That is the great news, if it is being done already, you can do it too! I’ve found that most people who are not growing their Zija business are not doing what needs to be done. So here are some questions you may want to ask yourself in order to help you get out of the rut you are in and also figure out if it’s you or the company you are associated with. Be honest with yourself, your business and lifestyle are on the line.


What Is Your “Why?” And How Important Is It To You?

Remembering why you are in business is crucial. Yes, of course we all want to make money, but isn’t there a deeper and more personal reason you want to be in business? Keep your reason close to your heart and in front of you at all time. Write it out so you see your “why” all over the place, have a dream board, share your “why” with people. This should propel you to action and keep you focused on doing the right things to grow your business.

Are You Doing What It Takes To Succeed?

Be honest with yourself. Are you doing what it takes to succeed? If you don’t know, training may just be the issue. Get with your sponsor or a team member to familiarize yourself with Zija’s best practices. Network Marketing is duplicatable (I’m not sure that’s a word?) which means if you do what the other successful people are doing, and honing your skills to do it just as well, you too can succeed. But if you know what it takes to succeed and are not doing it, that’s why your business is in a rut. It takes income producing activity to create momentum.

Do You Surround Yourself With Other Successful People?

Successful people spend time with other successful people. They don’t have to be in the same business or company as you, though that is a great idea, but make sure you surround yourself with other people you consider awesome and successful. Their energy will be contagious! If you hang out with positive people, you will become more positive. If you hang out with people who encourage others, you will find yourself being more encouraging. Success breeds success.

What Good Business / Motivational Book Have You Read Lately?

You’ve got to stay at the top of your game. If you’re reading this and you feel your business is in a rut, you may need some motivation or fresh ideas. Reading stimulates your mind and allows you to discover new ideas and concepts. Go to the sidebar to see some of my favorite business related books just in case you need some suggestions. I’ll add to that list a book titled START by Jon Acuff – it’s a great read!

How Do You Encourage Your Team?

If you have a down-line and you are not actively encouraging your team, what are they learning to duplicate? They are learning the role of an inactive sponsor. Your team’s success and the success of your down-line is vital to your success. Find ways to motivate, encourage and activate your team / down-line.

Are You Investing Your Time In Your Power 5?

Power 5 partners are those members of our team /down-line who are the movers and shakers – those people who have teams that are growing and creating momentum for you. Be sure to focus more of your energy on the strengths of your team. Yes, you want to encourage all of them, but do not allow inactive and negative people drain your time and energy.

Are You Doing What You’ve Always Done?

We all have heard the infamous Anthony Robbins quote, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” If your business is in a rut and you’re continue doing what you’re doing, it’s going to stay in a rut. If your business is succeeding, keep duplicating your actions and help your down-line to duplicate your actions.

What Did You Do Today That Will Grow Your Business?

I realize that so many of these come back to “action.” The word could also come back to “hustle” or “work” or “activity” or “networking” or “sharing” or “inviting.” It takes income producing activity to grow your business, plain and simple.

Do You Believe In This Business Model?

For the life of me I can not figure out why certain people do not “get” this business model. To me, it makes all of the sense in the world and is the ideal type of business to be in. It has a low overhead. It’s scalable. It pays tremendous dividends. It’s profitable. It’s fun. It’s proven. It can be worked from anywhere. It allows you to help other people. It has so much going for it…. but if you do not believe in the business model, you’re going to have a hard time sharing the business model with other people.


I’ve asked enough of questions for now. This should give you some thoughts to ponder. One of my favorite aspects of this business is helping people make money and helping them succeed in their business. Seeing people go for their dreams and reach them is incredibly exciting to me! I hope this will help you get your business back on track and help you find your success!




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