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How To “Talent Scout” Your Zija Prospects

Here is a stone-cold fact:  The success or failure of your Zija business is hinging on your ability to move suspects into prospects quickly, regardless of whether your generating leads thru social media or just knee-to-knee networking. Searching for great “talent” becomes critical.

When I first got started in my Zija business I was unconciously incompetent in this area and had no clue that there was actually a process and a bit of psychology that, once understood, made all the difference in the world to my business.  My conversion ratio from presenting to customer is now a whopping 70% using this quick and easy technique.

As Zija distributors/networkers our goal is to quickly move through conversations and find those that are interested in taking intentional action in their life. We know we have the perfect solution.

In the process of asking a few key questions, your suspects will actually self-sort.  This is so cool because you don’t need to breach any social norms and alienate the people you love and care for in order to build your business.

Actually the opposite happens when you implement this simple strategy, you build rapport and trust, and people ultimately want to be closer to you.


  1. Think like a doctor and do a diagnostic before you recommend a treatment plan  And just like a doctor, there is foundational info that you need to know:  “What’s going on now with them.” “What’s their story.” “What would they rather be doing.” “How would that feel to be doing those things.” “How serious are they about wanting that in their life.”
  2. Listen carefully to their emotional trigger words. The part of the brain that makes decisions is in the primary space of emotion. Pretty basic in concept but most people are really poor listeners so key in and be present in the convo.  Insiders tip:  When you are a good listener you will bump up your trust factor and your likeability factor exponentially. Remember, if few people are doing it then you’ll stand out.
  3. Use a tranistion statement to test their intentions.  If they tell you they’re serious about wanting something, then this is the dynomite right here:  “I think I may have something that can help you get [x].”  Insert what they told you they wanted.  It’s not a quesiton, it’s a statement.
  4. Their reply here is the sorter.  You now know whether to proceed with your solution or not.  The coolest part of this process is that you haven’t spoken one word of a solution yet so no social boundaries have been breeched, and an important relationship hasn’t been jeopardized by you purging on them prematurely.

So here are the nuances to this process that you MUST adhere to:

  • Keep it real and authentic.  If you are mechanical about this they will feel interrogated and will put their guard up.  BE COOL AND RELAX.
  • Position yourself as a connector – your solution might not be the right one for them. So if I know someone who can help this person I say something like, “Oh, I have a friend that helps other people with their accounting, do you want me to connect you two?”
  • Pepper the convo with connecting statements like, “Oh, that’s really cool.” and “Wow, no kidding” so that it flows and feels natural.

Easy to learn, quick to master and will expand your Zija business greatly because people will see that you’re unique and abundant in your desire to help others get the thing that they want.  Remember, your network is your net worth and this communication strategy will put the BOOM into your business.

Remember folks… youre changing lives, here!!!!


To your success!!

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