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How To Avoid The Network Marketing “Bust”

Do you know what a “bust” is?

  • A bomb, shell, or explosive round that fails to detonate.balloon_pic
  • One that is disappointingly ineffective or unsuccessful.
  • One that fails completely: failure, fiasco, loser, washout.

A “bust” or a “dud” is a bullet or bomb which refuses to get fired-up!

I mean, it just sits there looking dumb and never does a thing. It’s shiny. It was meant to do something. It had a purpose, but somehow it just fell short of the job.

Or…. it could be the latest member of your team.

Now, I’m not saying that you should violently explode or spontaneously combust, but you know as well as I do that you’ve got to provide the spark that will ignite your success.

This post will help you avoid busts when you recruit

It will help you qualify prospects before they waste too much of your time with whining and ridiculous excuses. It will also serve as a handy checklist for self-evaluation… but let’s face it… if you care enough to check yourself… then you’re not a bust.

Here’s Seven Characteristics Of Busts:


They Never Open A Book: Seriously, a bust will buy a book and ask for a refund without even cracking the spine. They “knew” it wasn’t gonna work for them even though they never gave it a try. They’ll NEVER buy into personal development.

They Listen To Negativity:
A bust will never get anywhere because they’re too worried about what other people think. If one friend or family member tells them “it’s a scam” or “a pyramid” they immediately give-up without doing any thinking of their own. They consider their “broke uncle Bob” their personal financial advisor.

They Watch A Lot Of TV:The funny thing about busts is that while they say they’re overwhelmed and don’t have enough time to succeed in network marketing you’ll hear the television playing in the background.  They can also be spotted by their ability to recite all the previous winners of American Idol. Some people need to throw their TV out the window…

They Have Piles Of Excuses: Busts always have an excuse handy. They’re broke. Their uncle Billy was in a pyramid scheme. Their cousin Julie gained 173 pounds on diet pills. They want to make sure everything is perfect before they act. They steadfastly refuse to take even a tiny action from day one. They won’t even try.

They Ask Loads Of Finicky Questions:One sure sign of a bust is the types of questions they ask. An intelligent networker would ask something important. A bust will ask thirty questions they could have “Googled” instead of wasting your time. They want to know intimate details of the compensation plan but refuse to look at their own back office.

They Refuse To Take Responsibilty:A bust will almost always pass the blame on to someone or something else. You know who these people are if you’ve ever worked with them. They’re all too willing to take compliments for other people’s work but they never do anything wrong… it’s always somebody else. AKA: Debbie Downer, Pessimist Pete

They Never Get Fired-Up! A bust will never get excited about anything. Their favorite expression is a frown. They sound depressed on the phone. Their posture is like a limp noodle. Their excitement can put crying babies to sleep.

Above all, a bust never even really tries. They can suck the life right out of you and your team. Yeah sure, a boom or a bullet may wound, but a bust doesn’t even bite. You might as well be throwing marshmallows at your opponents if you have a bust on your team. You might as well build your business alone if you’re recruiting busts.

In short…

Busts are losers!

Slimy, time-sucking vampires, you should avoid at all costs… And it’s our duty to help others avoid these busts before they latch on like leeches and suck all the success out of innocent newbies and the leaders of the future.

I know this post is a bit more emotional than most… but seriously… they give our industry a really bad name. They’re slowing us all down.

How do YOU oust busts before they infiltrate?

Feel free to add to this list in a comment below…

Unless you’re really a bust.

To Your Continued Sucess!!!!

Chip & Rissa

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Chrisi Ethridge

and to those busters, I must say . . .NEXT! I’m refusing to quit in KY because Quitters Never Win!

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Carbon Copy Consulting

I like it! Who’s fired up now… 😉

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The Legacy Leaf

Great post Chip! The truth will set u free. Move on!

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