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Should You Fire Your Upline?

What do you think is the job of your upline?

a)      To support and train you until you are successful in the business?

b)      To be the leader of a team that you are proud to belong too and can edify to prospects?

c)       To be so good or so bad at what they do that you are inspired to step up and become a leader in your own right?

d)      All of the above?

I think most people would answer d) all of the above with the hope that in c), their upline is a ‘good’ one.

But I have problems with a) and b). Specifically, there is an underlying assumption that you are DEPENDENT on your upline. And as someone who is learning to be a ‘leader’, that is a major contradiction and obstacle to your success!

Most newbies to networking believe that a) their  upline is there to train and support them is essential .

I don’t agree!

It’s NICE and it’s preferable by far, if you have an upline that provides good training and support – absolutely! But it is NOT essential!

(Note: by UPLINE I don’t necessarily mean your SPONSOR. It’s highly possible, even likely, that your sponsor, the person who brought you into the business, is only slightly more experienced than you with the company. THIS IS NORMAL & PERFECTLY OK – Your upline however, is an experienced individual or SEVERAL people above your sponsor who have been around long enough to know a lot about growing the business successfully)

What IS essential is that you know WHERE the trainings are that you need. How to attend or view them and where to get your questions answered. A GOOD upline will be able to tell you where the trainings are. They will help you with your ‘first steps’ to getting your business started, do three-way calls with you and will teach you best practices for duplicating your (and their) business.

Personally, I would NOT join a company where my upline wasn’t prepared to do that AND do it well.

BUT, suppose for a moment, my upline wasn’t very good! Is that a reason to leave the company?

In my experience, MOST people with a bad upline DO leave the company!

However, think about this. Whilst it’s tough when you have a bad upline. What REALLY matters is…

Are you with a GOOD company? and

Do your really understand ‘it begins and ends with YOU!’

However, are you a leader or a follower?

If you are  TRUE leader i.e. you are prepared to do whatever it takes to become good at turning a profit in your business, including learning the leadership skill sets you need, then a bad upline is just an irritating obstacle to overcome.


By becoming the leader and displaying the kind of leadership skills they do not!

Remember. A legitimate networking company  is a level playing field. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with the company, anyone joining today can still become one of the highest earners in the company.

So if not you… who?

It’s tough if your upline is bad – but it is NOT a reason to quit!!

Find the trainings you need and do them! Learn the skills of duplicating your business and roll them out to YOUR team! Be the leader you know you are! And even if you loathe and despise your upline – let it go!!  Just get on with building YOUR business!

But What if Your Upline is Good?

Their trainings and support are outstanding and they are always there for you!

Should you fire them?


Trust me on this… THEY WANT YOU TOO! Your upline knows that their job is done when you are successfully teaching and training your own team to successfully teach and train their own teams to recruit into the business and promote and sell the products. So why wouldn’t they want to be fired? You don’t need them anymore!!! I’m labouring this point for a reason…


Beware of False Guru’s

Sometimes, an upline becomes too big for their boots. Rather than teaching you to be self-dependent  To find the trainings and skills sets you need to accomplish your own goals and to duplicate successful strategies throughout your team; they encourage you to become a devotee of theirs.

In other words, instead of teaching

‘Do what I do’ – they teach ‘Do what I say’.

The difference is subtle, but it’s critical. By ‘do what I do’ – they want to you to be a leader in your own right. By ‘do what I say’ – they want you to follow them foreverrrrrrrrr!!!

They do the latter for two very good reasons (for them!)


So there we have it.



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