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A Book ALL Zija Leaders Must Read!!!

The Radical Leap – Steve Farber

I have always loved reading leadership books. Over the last few years, some authors have adopted one of the teaching methods of Jesus. When He wanted to teach profound truths to people – Jesus told stories. Many business books today are doing the same thing. They tell stories to communicate business and leadership principles.

Steve Farber’s book The Radical Leap is one such book.

The book is centered on the acronym: L.E.A.P. Four words describe leadership: Love – Energy – Audacity – Proof. I will not give the story away … but I do think there are some quotes from the book that are well worth sharing.

“The difference between a madman and a professional is that a professional does as well as he can with what he has set out to do and a madman does exceptionally well at what he can’t help doing.”

I underlined this quote in the book. (Always read a book with pen or pencil in hand – make notes – underline – you never know when you will want to go back and review what you has determined is meaningful.) Then I asked myself this question: As Leader of my ZijaBucks Team- am I doing a good job? – or do I have such a passion for the work that I am the madman that can’t help doing what he loves so much? That is the Love – of the L.E.A.P. You cannot lead if you do not love.
I would hope that you have the fortune to do your work because you cannot help but not do it. I cannot help but do what I have been chosen – called – wired to do. I have to do it. I love it. If it means I am nuts – then so be it. I hope you are able to do that at your job – at your calling – or with your team.

“If I love who we are, and if I love what we can be, then I’ll love the process of how we get there. And in order to make it all happen, I will act boldly and courageously and I will, at times, fail magnificently. But my love demands that I try…. Demands it.”

“that’s the nature of leadership in the extreme: the dynamic interplay of love and fear. Acting out of love creates fear, and love gives me the courage to work through that fear.”

Of course – in all leadership books – one has to talk about vision. And vision statements.

“A vision statement does not generate energy, love does, great ideas do, principles and values do. A vision statement that comes from a workshop exercise is usually about as energizing and memorable as a saltine cracker.”
“But vision from the heart is – by definition – an expression of love. And not only is that more energizing, it is energy.”

How many times has a company – or a team – concocted a vision statement – put it on a wall and thought it was going to change the world? Vision from the heart changes things.
However, I think my favorite quote from the book is:

“If you keep reminding yourself and others about the importance of your work, about the great future you are striving to create, you will generate the energy you need to work through any obstacle and challenge. Your energy will be contagious to others.”

That is leadership.

The book is not written to anyone person or job-type specifically – but I can think of no more important work than that of helping people change their lives with our amazing products – and business opportunity too. We have been called to change the world. What we do impacts everyone. I think we need to be reminded of that – repeatedly.

LEAP – Love, Energy, Audacity, Proof

“Love generates Energy, inspires Audacity, and requires Proof. LEAP, you see, is simply the Extreme Leader’s active, dynamic, expression of love.”

“The Extreme Leader consciously and intentionally cultivates love in order to generate boundless energy and inspire courageous audacity. And he or she must provide the proof that it’s all been worthwhile: proof through the alignment between word and action; proof through the standing up for what’s right; proof through measurable, tangible signs of progress; and proof through the experience of phenomenal success as well as glorious failure. That’s the LEAP. And, if I can add to that, it’s the LEAP that creates the OS!M [Oh Sh*t! Moment]. The OS!M is fear in the pursuit of creating something greater than the current reality. And the desire to create something greater is a bold expression of love. Simple as that.”

I think as ZijaBucks Leaders – We need to constantly remind each distributor about the importance of the work we have been called to do. That is the “nugget” I took from this book.
Be forewarned – this book has some coarse language in places. But all in all – this book spoke to my heart about communicating the passion that is in my heart for the work that I do. Communicating that passion to the people I work beside. Communicating that passion to the people I have the privilege of leading.

Let me know if you read this book!


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Sharon Hatfield —

Sounds very interesting and full of valuable information…I’ll pick it up tomorrow…thanks!!

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