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10 Qualities Of Great Zija Leaders

mnphoto_innerhealth_outerbeautyI once knew a guy who said you could pick a leader out from the crowd by waiting for the one man who will stoop down and pick up the trash instead of walking around it.

And although I’m not sure if that’s true… I think it would be nice to know ahead of time whether or not a person was worth sponsoring… don’t you?

That’s what today’s blog is all about. A few ideas about picking leaders instead of going after tire-kicking wannabes who only want something for nothing.

10 Qualities to look for in Zija Prospects…

Are they leaders?
I’m not saying that they have to be the next George Custer, but no matter how shy they are today, they have what it takes to overcome their inner self and step-up to the plate as a leader. Do they Truly want to help others?

Are they passionate?
Do they have a burning desire to succeed? They should be driven to have a better life. They should have their own goals, and dreams. Master Marketer vs Plumber (who wants more) ….I’ll take the plumber all day…

Are they persistent?
Although they may fail, they’ll never give-up without a fight. They’ll keep trying until they find what works.

Are they responsible?
They take responsibility for their failures and mistakes without blame. The sure sign of a recruit who is going to fail is the one who has the most excuses lined up from the get go. Remember to avoid the blamers.

Are they teachable?
They aren’t afraid to buy a book and learn something new about business or marketing. They’ll read everything they can, to find that one nugget of wisdom that will light the way. They want to learn the “system”

Are they coachable?standing out pic
Meaning, you can train them and duplicate your success without too much fuss. They are willing to learn from your example and work the plan as you teach it to them. They will also respond to ideas to grow.

Are they influential?
Credibility can go a long way to help a person succeed in business. This is why business professional like realtors, mortgage brokers or even doctors are highly sought out by clever networkers. Circles of influence can be powerful.

Are they successful?
A lot of the top-dogs in our industry have hobbies or passions that they were once very skilled at. It doesn’t matter if they were the top hockey player on their team or the leading chess player in their state. A success is a success.

Are they social?
As hard as it is to face the facts, network marketing is a very social business. So individuals with a lot of contacts have a huge advantage over wallflowers.

Are they an emotional wreck?
A rule of thumb is that you should never sponsor anyone who is on an emotional roller-coaster. Sure they’re excited now, but next week they’ll be down in the dumps and dragging you with them.

I hope you’ll agree.

And while it’s very unlikely that all of your recruits will fit this cookie cutter list it does give you a better idea of who you’re really looking for before you pick up that phone or run any ads…

Here’s to your success….


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