Chip & Larissa’s Story


Growing up in a family of salesman, educators and coaches, you’d think Chip Buck would have gravitated to some form of Multi Level Marketing earlier in life but fate and circumstance have a way of making things happen for everyone in their own time….I grew up in Jamestown, Tennessee in the heart of the Upper Cumberland. It was there I learned the honest hard work and value system that everyone from a small town can relate to.  My early childhood years chip edt spkrwere steeped in competition. Competition in everything… public speaking, sports, music, and educational grades were all made competitive by my father, a former coach and teacher turned insurance salesman who stressed the fact that the American dream was attainable to anyone…. if you were willing to put in the work. This type of  “nose to the grindstone mentality” had been stressed to my father from his father before him, an educator for 47 years himself, who had worked from nothing to something over the course of his 97 years. My father saw quickly that being a teacher, while rewarding in it’s own right, did not offer any type of financial reward for all the hard work and hours he had put in to the J-O-B.  I recall vividly his tale of how even the best of teachers on their retirement day of many years of dutiful service would have a special meal prepared for them: one prepared by the school cooks, served on paper plates, and they’d get a nice plaque to hang before being sent home to part of their salary…. I knew right then that this was not the life I wanted to lead!!!

I spent the next years of my life trying to figure out how I was gonna get to be where I wanted to be.  I attended college for a while at Sewanee and UT Martin before realizing all too quickly that I was paying for an education about subjects from people who had never had to live by their own teachings!! A fact that would lead me to  wanting to be the most researched person I could be on whatever subject I was discussing (a fact that would mold my life later). I spent the first part of my married life like everyone else does…. Broke and tired!!!!  While working successfully in several sales opportunities in the “J-O-B world”, I soon realized that while I was spending all kinds of time away from my wife and kids at home keeping my “nose to the grindstone”, someone else was getting rich off my labors…. MY BOSS!!!  Enter my first stab at Multi Level Marketing…..

In early 2001 a personal friend and mentor of mine, Robbie Davis, introduced me to Fortune Hi Tech Marketing.  Robbie was a young charismatic guy just like me who has gone on to great things in other marketing opportunities but this was EARLY in his career as well. He invited me to a meeting and we went and received our sales package. For $350 we were handed a binder full of cassette tapes, sent on our way, and promised this was our new “road to financial freedom!!” ….. it was not…. I never enrolled anyone and never saw the lady that signed us up ever again.  I even kept my binder of cassettes (still got them) as a reminder so when anyone approached me with their version of the “ next way to become an overnight millionaire”, I had proof this stuff didn’t work!!!!! I recall once after being approached by a poor guy pitching his products to me, my tirade about how “pyramid schemes” didn’t work was so bad that I almost felt sorry for the guy…but it wasn’t really that poor guys fault… he had been done the exact same way I had in Fortune… and I knew there HAD TO BE A BETTER WAY TO SELL AND EDUCATE WHILE DOING SO!!!! Nobody really wants to be “SOLD” anything!!! If they decide to buy, then so be it…. But to be “SOLD” was not something I was ever gonna be a part of….it was nothing more than back to the “nose to the grindstone” mentality that was comfortable… enter ZIJA International…

In early 2009 the same close personal friend of mine, Robbie Davis, approached me again…this time as a well seasoned marketer… with a brand new product that he promised me was different….YEAH RIGHT!!!!!! Boy, had I heard THAT one before!!! He stressed to me that this product was one that changed people’s lives and that making money was ancillary to the emotional feeling he obtained from HELPING PEOPLE!!!!!…. but I still was a harsh skeptic of anything to do with “pyramids”. Life had trained me to think that way!!! So, like any good husband would do, I passed Robbie off to my wife…..good thing I did!!! Larissa fell in love with the products, the opportunity, the helping, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!!  I could not be convinced so easily…. I’d LOST money before trying to do what I thought she was doing. BOY! THE CROW I WAS ABOUT TO EAT!!! I would play my “part” as the supportive husband…always there to help with meetings, attend conferences, and even steer people to my wife’s business…. but would never actually engage myself in the business of Network Marketing. I spent my time researching the product, the company, the formulator, the founder, the, plant, the people, anything and everything I could to try to find that “kink in the armor” that would convince her to stop all that “pyramid nonsense” …. but it wasn’t to be found!!!! My next plan to derail her was to take the products; I figured if I tried them and they didn’t work, I could finally show her that this was just hocus pocus…. Again I must love the taste of crow!!!  The last straw came at a regional event where we were placed between two unique people…. A product user who raved about the benefits she gotten from taking the products; and a former Tupperware saleslady who boasted of how this was no different than what she did, only she had no overhead or inventory….. THIS WAS IT!!!!!!!!! Exactly what I’d been looking for my whole life!!!!! A reputable product from a reputable source that I could SHARE with people and it did what it said…. Helped them both health-wise and financially!!!! This now drives me to help everyone that works with me find the same resource for their own life!!!!!

About Larissa

rissa and karleighComing of age in two families…. One full of service and one full of sales…. It’s no wonder Larissa Buck has ended up where she is today. Born, raised, and lived (her entire life) in Byrdstown Tennessee, the state’s smallest county, I started life not any different than most girls.  I worked odd jobs thru high school and college, mostly retail sales for family members who owned businesses in and around Byrdstown. There, I learned the business savvy that would pay off later in my professional life along with the service side of any small town store that the owner of the business never forgets…. That one bad experience from one customer can kill your reputation… and your business for years to come. Also working along side family members, I learned the work ethic and “all for the business” mentality that I would use later as well. Always treating the consumer like part of your family was the ONLY way to do business. The ELDER name has a longstanding history of sales and service throughout the entire region, especially the areas akin to Dale Hollow Lake.

I put myself through college and received my associate’s degree in business in a very short time after high school and began my trek out to make my fortune with my newly bought and paid for book knowledge. While I did start, maintain, and sell many small businesses along the way (I even tried a stint in local politics), I never could seem to find a balance to what I wanted out of life… to be able to raise my family and kids in a manner that I thought they needed and still manage to stake my claim to the millions I was promised by my family and friends once I earned my degree and got a J-O-B. But like most people my age I was married early, had kids early, picked a J-O-B early, and had gotten bogged down with all that “LIFE STUFF” to a point where I had almost forgotten all the dreams in life I’d wanted as a little girl….. Enter ZIJA International.

After being swarmed by many “work from home” opportunities and posing them all to my husband and being roundly shot down, I was approached by Robbie Davis and Greg and Tamara Bibb with a new concept…. One that involved HELPING PEOPLE obtain goals that they wanted… be it financial or health-wise… ZIJA could help with both!!!! This was my “light bulb” moment!!!!  I was sold early on about the products, the opportunity, the company, and most of all the idea that I could get everything I wanted only by helping others get everything THEY wanted…my life was changed forever!!!! I had seen disappointment from people I had known or family members who had tried the full array of “get rich quick” schemes only to lose a lifetime of wealth on products or services that never panned out… so I knew that that was never going to be an option for me…. If I were to stake my reputation on any other business opportunity, it would be on a company WORTH becoming involved with.  Before I would pour my heart and soul into any “life’s work”, I’d make dang sure that I’d done enough research that I would never compromise anything that might harm my family or our reputation amongst our peers, family, and church. I would devote myself tirelessly to the company I chose… so long as it maintained my goals of helping people first and making money second.  These are characteristics that I will never shy away from. These are characteristics I’ve found in ZIJA International. These are characteristics that I pledge to help anyone who works with me make a part of their lives!!!!

As you can see, both Larissa and I are not a lot different than most of you…. We grew up in small towns, shared a lifetime of memories, and learned a lot from all our combined business successes and failures. However, there is a difference… we have decided to take our experiences and let us help train you so you don’t have to experience some the total failures we did!!! ONLY THE SUCCESSES!!!!  We look forward to helping each of you reach even the highest of your goals…. Be they financial, health, or other we are always willing and available to help you become who YOU want to be!!!!

Thanks for taking a few moments to learn a little about us, we CAN”T WAIT to learn A LOT about you!!!!