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December 2012

Reasonable Thinking vs Unreasonable Thinking

I had a bit of an epiphany this past week.

While for the third time making my way through what is now one of my top three favorite books on business and personal development, The Four Hour Work Week (and yes, you can consider my mentioning it here a raving endorsement), I came across the following quote attributable to George Bernard Shaw:

“The reasonable man adapts himself to t…

Why Being Awesome Hurts and What To Do About It

  “One who conquers others is strong; One who conquers oneself is mighty.” Lao-Tzu
Some of you may have thought my last article was a little in your face, where I’m basically telling you to suck it up and do whatever you need to do to succeed.
Along the same lines, this may rub many of you the wrong way, but it’s important that you understand exactly why you may be resistant to…

What Are You Really Selling?


Everyone in Zija out there thinks that our products are the BEST and this shouldn’t be the way it is. Every other company’s reps think the same.
Think of it this way…
How many different companies market “the greatest opportunity ever”? HUNDREDS!
So if there are so many different companies selling opportunities out there, then why are there still people successful in eac…

In Matters Of Zija… Are You Involved or Committed?

Commitment separates the “Doers” from the “Dreamers” 

Let’s establish just “what is?” commitment.We will find out just how vital commitment is in our everyday relationships. We can not be successful in life, nor can we be successful Zija Reps without commitment. I hope to expose areas that we need to commit afresh and anew, and then teach on how to identify areas in which we can strengthen…

The Importance Of 3-Way Calling And How To Do It

3-way calls.  What are they?  Why? And, how to do them right?  There is definitely a right way
and a wrong way to go about using three-way calling. In order for you to get good at this whole game of prospecting, you have to master this simple tool now.

First off…what is 3-way calling?

Two answers…the technical side is this.  Three-way calling is a service that you can have added,…

The Biggest “Get Rich Quick Scam” EVER!!

The Biggest Get Rich Quick Scam of Them All!!!

In the home-based business arena, there have been, and will continue to be, those few “bad apples” among the hard-working entrepreneurs and network marketers who choose to deceive others in order to profit through promises of “getting rich quick”. Unfortunately, these individuals have given our industry a terrible reputation, one that Zija…